Snake plant leaves turning yellow are known for their ability to withstand various growing conditions. However, if you have a snake plant that is turning yellow it is important to find out why this is happening so you can make the necessary corrections. The good news is that a snake plant can turn green again if you make the right adjustments.

Why do indoor snake plant leaves turn yellow?

The first thing to check is whether or not your snake plant is suffering from nutrient deficiencies. Generally, snake plants prefer well-draining soil that is rich in nitrogen and other essential nutrients for healthy growth. Having an imbalance of these minerals will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Another common reason for snake plant leaves to turn yellow is because they are receiving too much sunlight. Snake plants like to be placed in bright, indirect sunlight and should not be exposed to direct sun for extended periods of time. In these situations, you may want to try placing the plant near a window with curtains that will filter the light and prevent the plant from being overexposed to sunlight.

You should also check to see if your snake plant is suffering from root rot. This dreaded condition can be the result of either overwatering or a contaminated soil mixture. To prevent this, feel the soil to determine if it is dry before watering again. You should only water the plant so that it reaches deep into the potting soil and doesn’t pool on the surface of the pot.

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