Cladding Sprayers

Cladding sprayers are specialist paint machines that can be used to spray a protective coating over metal cladding. This helps to keep it looking clean and fresh, protecting it from harsh weather conditions, and extending its lifespan. It’s also a very cost effective solution compared to replacing the cladding.

The first step in cladding spraying is to prepare the surface. This is done with a high-pressure jet wash, detergent, and masking of areas that are not to be sprayed, in order to prevent overspray. Then a light dust coat of specialist UPVC paint is applied, and sprayed multiple times until full coverage is achieved. This primer dries very quickly and is ideal for cladding.

Spray Techniques: Mastering Cladding Application with Sprayers

Next, we apply a colour of your choice. There are many different RAL shades and colours to choose from, so you can match your cladding to your business or home colour scheme. Then, a protective topcoat is applied, such as Tikkurila Temadur, which is highly resistant to weathering and abrasion, helping your building look its best and last longer.

We can also complete interior spraying for your building if you wish to change the appearance or bring it up to date with new branding or colours. From coloured walls, to floor patterns and branded spraying, we can create a stunning visual effect to transform your property’s exterior or interior. This is an excellent way to impress guests, visitors and clients when they enter your premises.

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