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If you’ve been a fan of Gurren Lagann, you know the characters. The titular Gurren is the ultimate king-sized idiocy, and his entire plan to combine with Lagann fails miserably. Instead of being a hero, Gurren spends the whole episode attempting to watch girls naked, and dies only after thinking of a more competent plan.

Characters / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Nia Teppelin is a fictional character from gurren lagann characters, an anime series produced by Konami and Aniplex. She is the back leader of the Gurren-dan, and one of the most memorable characters in the anime. While Nia may not be the most interesting character, she is arguably the most enjoyable.

Nia is a young and pretty Gurren Lagann Character. Her hair is light blue or pale blonde and falls down her back. She originally has long hair, but later asks Yoko to cut it for her. She has peach skin and blue eyes with pink cross pupils. She wears a number of outfits throughout the series, from a black dress to a white tank top.

Lordgenome is the main antagonist of the first story arc, and the “Spiral King” of the series. His aim is to completely destroy humankind. Lordgenome commands his army from a giant funnel-shaped fortress, the Teppelin. His army is equipped with massive gunmen that are in hibernation. Lordgenome can easily hold his own against Lagann.

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