The native smokes near me New York reservations cannot absorb the huge volumes of Marlboros and Newports shipped to them. The tobacco is then sold over the Internet or bootlegged — mainly in minivans — to New York City, where it is resold, tax free, at bodegas and on the streets. The profits can be staggering. “A low-level smuggler can walk away with $7,000 a day,” says the associate chief counsel for the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ Northeast division.

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Despite high smoking rates, some Native American leaders have become increasingly determined to reduce tribal tobacco use and to promote alternatives like tribal-produced cigarettes. But the effort is a tough one.

Smoking rates among the nation’s enrolled adults – who are mostly women – are more than double those of non-Indians, according to state and federal health data. And even though smoking rates have declined in most parts of the country, tobacco still poses a serious health threat to many Native Americans.

Some American Indians say it’s time to break the grip of big tobacco and the money it funnels into tribal leadership campaigns. Others warn that it will be difficult to change a culture that has long held tobacco sacred. In the end, the state’s willingness to enforce cigarette taxes on reservations will determine whether Natives can make a dent in their nation’s alarming rates of tobacco-related illness. The latest step was taken last month, when the state won a court battle and began cracking down on wholesalers who sell name brands to Indian smoke shops.

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