Omaha Warehouse – The Hub of Industry and Innovation

Smack in the middle of the Nebraska prairie, the city of Omaha is a hub of industry and innovation. It’s home to many Fortune 500 companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Mutual of Omaha, and Kiewit Corporation. Omaha has also become one of the most popular places to start a new business for its low cost of living, great job market and unique cultural experiences.

What is a warehouse in business?

A major factor in the early success of the city was its location along the Missouri River and its role as a shipping point for goods. Its first warehouse Omaha area was built next to the river where a steamboat docked, drawing in goods from a variety of sources. This included a meatpacking company, stockyards and regional brewing businesses.

Other fun Omaha facts include the fact that it pioneered the farm-to-table movement and is a leader in food trucks. You can find some of the most innovative restaurants in the country at places like Gather, Big Green Q and Kitchen Table. Also, you can thank the city of Omaha for Raisin Bran. Before 1926, bran cereal was plain ol’ boring but when Skinner’s Manufacturing came up with the idea of adding raisins to the mix, bran cereal never looked or tasted the same.

Omaha also has several large-scale outdoor shopping malls such as Westroads Mall, Crossroads Mall, Oak View Mall, and Village Pointe. Several medium and smaller scale indoor and mall-based shopping centers are located around the metro as well.


Gratton Warehouse Company
11005 E Cir, Omaha, NE 68137, United States
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