Self-Adhesive Nail Stickers

Achieve a polished look without the time, expense and talent needed for nail stickers with these self-adhesive stickers. Whether they come in the form of full nail wraps that cover the entire nail or as decals, or appliques that add a pop of color and pattern to an existing manicure, nail stickers are the quickest way to up your nail game. Plus, they’re super versatile and allow you to change up your nail art for different occasions or seasons.

Nail stickers can either be applied over standard polish, or for the most precise application, you can use them over a gel manicure that is fully cured and double-topped with a clear top coat, recommends Kandalec. But she warns that it is important to clean nails and push back cuticles before applying nail stickers, as oil can cause them to smudge or peel.

Nail Stickers Unleashed: Endless Creativity at Your Fingertips

Besides being quick and easy to apply, nail stickers are also non-toxic and do not emit the chemical fumes that nail polish does. They also help to strengthen the natural nail, creating an extra barrier against dryness and damage.

Whether you’re looking to rep your sign with cute astro stickers or just want a minimalist look, Olive & June makes the prettiest set of gold and silver decals that look gorgeous on any mani. If you’re a fan of a more abstract, bohemian or geometric design, check out this collection from Artips, which is made with gel for the ultimate shine.

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