Sunset Sherbet Strain Information

sunset sherbet strain

Sunset sherbet strain is a hybrid strain that has a high THC content. This strain produces a balanced high that is beneficial for both recreational and medical marijuana users.

The terpene profile of this strain includes complex notes of sweet berries and citrus fruits, as well as touches of earthy, tropical forest flavors. Its distinct flavor profile is attributed to the presence of dominant terpenes like caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. This combination of terpenes creates a fruity and citrus aroma that is similar to walking through a berry patch.

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The effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid are long-lasting and very relaxing. They typically take some time to kick in, but once they do, the effects are uplifting and euphoric, giving consumers a mood boost that makes them feel more social. They also improve focus and concentration, which can be useful for patients who suffer from attention disorders. Over time, the effects relax the body and numb the aches and pains that are caused by illness or stress. This can help relieve migraines, chronic stress and tension, and stifle the symptoms of arthritis and other painful conditions.

Sunset sherbet is a hardy strain that resists common molds and mildews and is resistant to pests. It grows short with strong lateral branches and flowers within eight weeks when grown indoors. Outdoors, this indica-dominant strain thrives in sheltered and warm climates where daytime temperatures are around 70°F. To cultivate this strain properly, growers should prune the plants to remove broad fan leaves that block light and air from reaching low-growing flowering nodes.

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