The Best Roofers in Seattle

best roofers in seattle washington

Best roofers in Seattle Washington and gutters are two home elements that often go unnoticed until they don’t work. A good Seattle roofing contractor can ensure that both of these essentials are doing their job effectively. They can repair leaks, perform full replacements, and install new roofs – either as part of a renovation project or in response to damage caused by storms.

A roofing contractor can also advise homeowners on the best type of roofing material to choose for their house. While composite shingles are the most popular option, options like slate can offer aesthetic value, fire resistance and protection from pests. Some roofs, such as metal, can even help cut energy bills by reflecting the sun’s rays.

Seattle’s Finest: Discovering the Best Roofers in the Emerald City

Besides installing roofs, these contractors can also repair existing ones and provide other home improvement services, such as gutter installation, moss proofing and drainage repair. They can also install skylights and window systems, and perform chimney tuckpointing and crown repairs. Some of them can handle drywall installation and kitchen remodeling projects.

Mountain Goat Roofing serves residential and commercial clients in the greater Seattle area. The company can repair and replace a wide variety of roof types, including asphalt shingle and tile roofs as well as metal and cedar shakes and shingles. The company is also a CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master and Master Shingle Applicator. Its roofing specialists can do complete reroofing works, including the removal or tear-off of existing roofs, repitching, and drainage repairs. They can also repair or replace soffit and drip edges, as well as handle the installation of solar panels.

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