Finite Solutions Home Cinema – Turning an 18th Century Room Into an Epic Home Cinema

A dedicated home cinema room is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a movie or TV show. But it’s not just about a big screen and immersive sound; lighting is also a huge part of the experience, setting the mood before the film begins and creating excitement throughout.

A Custom Setup to the cinema no longer holds the same glamour it once did, and a bespoke home cinema system is an appealing alternative. But getting the right technology in place can be a challenge. Finite Solutions Home Cinema, an AV install specialist based in Leeds, has recently received recognition from the industry body CEDIA for a high-tech project that turned an 18th century room into an epic home theatre.

Budget-Friendly Home Cinema Solutions: Quality Meets Affordability with Finite Solutions

The client is a music and film fanatic, already owning a top-end stereo system from British brand Linn, and he demanded a cinema that delivered image and audio performance to match his existing equipment. This meant a lot of work in terms of designing the space and acoustics, but also in sourcing suitable hardware, particularly with his budget in mind.

To deliver on the acoustics and design, a 7.2 surround sound system was installed using Linn Akurate speakers and amplifiers for the front left, centre and rear channels, plus Majik for the subwoofers. The audio is fed through an Anthem AVM 50v processor, which boasts the brand’s ARC room EQ and hi-res audio decoding. The hardware is racked behind the screen in a custom cabinet and connected to the JVC projector via a Middle Atlantic rack and cooling system.

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