Pgsharp Android – Spoof Your Location For Pokemon Go

Pgsharp android is an exciting tool that lets you spoof your location specifically for Pokemon Go without rooting your device. This is an essential add-on for the game because it allows you to travel around the world map to capture Pokemon, visit Pokestops, and enter Gyms without having to physically travel there. It also helps you to catch more Pokemon in less time.

How long is a PGSharp ban?

The app does not limit the teleport distance, which means you can spoof your way around the globe while still lying in bed. Its latest version also includes an auto-walk function and the ability to change your walking speed. In addition, you can also use a joystick to control the teleportation process.

However, it is important to note that while the Pgsharp download does not have a limitation on the distance you can fake, you should always use it cautiously and do not exceed realistic speeds. Excessive speed can trigger the game’s anti-cheat system and lead to a ban. It is also essential to use a cooldown period when teleporting to a new location. This will allow you to respawn at the same spot in the game and avoid accidentally triggering the anti-cheat system.

Another important thing to remember is that Pgsharp cannot be used on iOS devices because of technical limitations. It is best to register for an ATC account if you want to use the app. You should also not use your main Pokémon account, as Niantic can detect cheating and may suspend your account. You can register for an ATC account by visiting the Pgsharp website and clicking the “sign up” button. You will need to activate your phone’s private mode before you can download the app. You will also need a free beta key, which you can get online.

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