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A trust lawyer Santa clarita in which one party, called the “trustor”, gives legal ownership of assets to another party, known as the “trustee”. The trustee will manage these assets for the benefit of a third party, oftentimes named in the trust. A trust is a common tool used in estate planning and can avoid conservatorship in the event of incapacity or probate upon death. Generally, a trust is preferred to a will, especially if the person owns real property.

A trusted attorney can help you establish a living trust, whether it’s a revocable or inter vivos trust. They will take the time to understand your unique needs and provide you with a thorough solution that will ensure your wishes are followed after your death. Additionally, a Santa Clarita trust lawyer can also assist you with a special needs trust, which is designed to protect the rights of disabled individuals while allowing them to retain eligibility for SSI and Medicaid benefits.

Efficient Trust Administration: Odom Law Group’s Trust Administration Lawyer Services

A trust and probate dispute can occur for many reasons, including alleged breaches of fiduciary duty or the unauthorized distribution of property. If you’re a beneficiary, trustor, or estate fiduciary facing litigation related to a trust or probate matter, contact Cohen Law, A PLC for the best advice and representation. The firm’s attorneys are recognized for their collaboration, strategic planning, and custom solutions to their clients’ complex legal problems. Their goal is to help their clients face the future with confidence, regardless of what life brings.

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