Whistle Blower Lawsuits

whistle blower lawsuits

Whistle blower lawsuits are a growing field. While there are many benefits of filing one, they can also carry significant risks. Many people may end up losing their jobs or their reputation. Other risks include losing friends and co-workers. The best way to protect yourself is to speak with a knowledgeable whistle blower attorney. It’s not easy to go public with your story. You may be harmed by your decision, so make sure to seek the advice of an attorney who has a good reputation in your field. Find out

Help To Protect Your Rights

Whistle-blower lawsuits can be very lucrative. A relator award of 15 to 25 percent of the recovered funds is possible. This is an excellent incentive to come forward with an illegal practice. In addition to the financial reward, whistle-blowers can also face protection from retaliation. The potential for large compensation is huge! And there is no reason to keep quiet if you’ve witnessed fraud and would like to help the government.

Many times, a whistle-blower lawsuit is unsuccessful. In fact, many whistle-blower lawsuits are never recovered because the government doesn’t get involved. This means that a lawsuit’s odds of success are greater when the Justice Department joins the case. While the Justice Department has declined to intervene in some smaller whistle-blower suits, they have joined a whistle-blower lawsuit filed by Benjamin Poehling, a Minnesotan. In his lawsuit, he accused the company of cheating Medicare Advantage by sifting through patients’ electronic health records and recording diagnosis codes.

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